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About Doors Direct Marketing

Northern Kentucky Door Hanger Experts.

Doors Direct Marketing is the one-stop-shop for the design, printing and distribution of direct to door marketing. We specialize in multi-ad door hangers. Anyone who has used direct to door marketing can tell you that it’s a powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ door and bring more business through your own.

As little as 6 cents per front door.

It is one of the quickest and most effective forms of advertising from an economical standpoint.  For as little as 6 cents per house, you can get seen on the front door for less than mailing a direct mail piece, which usually ends up in the trash before even getting viewed.

Advertising that gets noticed and get results.

Door hanger marketing is a very inexpensive method of quickly reaching a large group of potential customers, producing a quick turnaround, and a higher return on investment. Your customers only have one front door, so they cannot avoid looking at your ad on our door hangers. This “In Your Face” advertising gets noticed, putting your coupon/advertisement directly into the hands of consumers at their homes.

A clutter free environment.

Customers make a split-second decision as to whether to keep or toss advertising when they receive it. We increase the likelihood of customers viewing your ad on our door hangers, because we place only five to ten advertisers on each doorhanger. Instead of your ad being lost in an envelope or magazine that’s loaded with 40-200 ads, potential customers hold on to this advertising medium for future referral and use towards specials featured on your product or service.

Response rates as high as 5%.

A typical doorhanger response can vary from .5% to 5%, depending on your industry, message, and offer. Pizza is at the high end, and professional services are closer to the bottom. The higher fee you charge, or the more exclusive your potential clientele, the lower the response. Of course, the doorhanger’s job is to get the phone ringing, people coming in your shop, or visiting your website. The rest of the sale is up to you.

Maximum exposure and readership.

We provide maximum front door exposure and exclusive rights for all of our advertisers! Your direct competition will not be on the same doorhanger! The best way to your target audience is right through the front door. Our Door Hanger campaigns provide a direct, simple and effective way to reach customers.